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New Mexico Magazine: A New Constellation

A New Constellation: Desierto Mountain Time illuminates the connections among regional artists, signal-boosting their message across borders.

Elizabeth Miller, January 26, 2022

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Val Britton Charts Her Own Path With Map-Inspired Art - Luxe Interiors + Design

Monique McIntosh, February 28, 2018


Today’s modern maps may have everything plotted to perfection, but the allure of parts unknown still lives on for artist Val Britton.

Inspired by cartography, her paper collage paintings and installations imagine an expressionistic take on the open road, conflating highways and constellations. “I like to tease out the language of maps and interpret it in my own hand,” says Britton.

We spoke with the San Francisco artist about what makes her tick — from her city’s geographical quirks, to the endless joy of paper.

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See The Emotional Toll Of The Pay Gap In This Gorgeous Visualization - Fast Company

Katharine Schwab, April 12, 2018


The pay gap is real and persistent. One way to begin the process of eliminating the disparities between how men and women and white and nonwhite people are paid is to collect data–something that the U.K. recently mandated for all companies with more than 250 employees. Once there’s data, and companies recognize that they have a problem, they can take active steps to pay women and people of color more.

But understanding the emotional toll the pay gap takes on women doesn’t just require science: It needs art as well. Using data about the pay gap in the tech industry from the recruiting startup Hired, a new installation at the Minnesota Street Project art space in San Francisco tackles the pay gap using a swirling cloud of abstract shapes. It was created by the Bay Area-based artist Val Britton, who was formerly Facebook’s artist-in-residence, and it includes a 3D installation that takes up the entire space, and two 2D collages on the walls.

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Artist feature in Luxe Interiors + Design Magazine

Artist feature in the Jan/Feb 2018 issue of Luxe Interiors + Design Magazine.


Luxe Interiors + Design


Collapsible City featured in Luxe Interiors + Design Magazine.

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The Psychogeography of Val Britton - ARTPULSE

Scott Thorp, October 8, 2016

Microclimates of nostalgia and exploration is how I describe the installations of Val Britton. Her complex work is composed of collaged paper forms floating and curving through space like weather patterns guided by gossamer tethers. In our discussion, Val openly comments on the evolution of her work and the relevance of maps as a key component in her artistic endeavors.

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Val Britton: Reverberations


79 page catalog including an essay by Jens Hoffmann, Deputy Director of the Jewish Museum, and an interview by Trevor Paglen, artist, geographer, and author.

Publication © 2016 Gallery Wendi Norris

Available at Gallery Wendi Norris

KQED Arts: “Art that Makes Missing Your Flight OK”

Sarah Hotchkiss, October 7, 2015

At the San Francisco International Airport (SFO), the San Francisco Arts Commission (SFAC) strives to make a traveler’s time spent in the airport a little less chaotic and little more contemplative, thanks to artworks funded by the city’s percent-for-art program, San Francisco’s mandate that a public building project expend two percent of its construction cost towards public art.

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